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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Transfer 100% Complete

I cannot believe the time has come.... let me rewind a little to give a full update.

For weeks I have been having monitoring appointments. What that means is going to a clinic local to me in MN and they test how I'm responding to meds by doing a trans vaginal ultrasound and blood work. They test the uterine lining once on the meds, and the number is supposed to increase.

The first lining check was 4.5, the second 6.8 and the third was 7 (she originally said 7.4 but said she couldn't recreate it). Thankfully 7 was enough to get us to the next step, transfer.

Right after that last monitoring appointment in MN, I started the other pills. The first kind I had been on for two weeks just tiny oral pills I take 3 times a day. The second kind of pills are uhm.. how do I explain.....different. They aren't oral, if that leads your imagination anywhere else.

So, fast forward a little, we get to CT and do my final monitoring at the clinic we are using, NEFI (They are AMAZING!). The final lining count was 6.5. That made me so nervous. Its not supposed to go down! They said they would have the Dr review and get back to me if we are still on or not for the next day transfer.

That had to have been the longest day, ever. I was so worried that we would have to cancel the transfer. However, you obviously have already read the title of this post, to know that we got the all clear. THANK GOODNESS!

The next morning was the transfer. I was told to be there at 9:30am. We got there promptly at 9:30. The transfer was at 10am. M and I were called back to a consult room at 10, spoke to a nurse practitioner, and Grace who we have been working with (a fellow Aussie!) and then Dr. Lavy. came in to answer any questions. He really is an amazing Dr. He has been so personable. We tried to call N&M but they were unavailable.

We then went and M and I got all fancy...

Dressed, ready for the transfer

Then we moved into the procedure room. Dr. Lavy then gave me the greatest surprise.... IM was on Skype. I couldn't believe N was there with me all the way from Sweden! She shed a tear and didn't think that I saw, but I did. Anyone who knows me well enough, knows if I see people cry, I will cry. I'm such a cry baby! I shed a couple tears but not a full on sob - though I was close!

IM was on Skype with us through the whole procedure (she was by my side, not down in the nitty gritty, ha!). It was so nice to be able to have M and IM there with me. The procedure took about 2 minutes. It was so fast and completely painless!

I cant wait to confirm that the transfer stuck. Ill have an appointment at my MN monitoring clinic on the 3rd and the 10th for the BETA.

Everyone cross your fingers and send sticky vibes (that the embryos stick).

The Embies! 

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  1. Wishing you all lots of luck! Stick baby stick!!!!