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Sunday, June 8, 2014


When I started the surrogacy process, I knew that I would learn patience if I didn't already have enough. Well, boy - was that an understatement?!

We have been on hold for so long, but then it feels like every time we pick up speed again, something takes us off track.

We updated our contracts with my new last name, after getting married in February. (Yay!) and received the meds for the next round, which make me really nervous. This time we will have injectable meds. Last time was oral pills and *ahem* other kinds. This time, there are SO many needles!

I think after seeing this picture, you can see why I may be a little nervous. :)

I know I will be fine, but still - nervous!

Supposed to start these at some point this week, I think. I was originally to start yesterday, but there was some kind of miscommunication. I look forward to getting the ball rolling with our third attempt! Please cross your fingers, pray, hope, dance, something! I truly hope and pray this works for the IPs this time.

Thanks for reading.