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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small Victory

I know this is going to seem so petty to most but I feel like its a victory worth blogging about!

Guess who got the all clear?! Woop Woop (Geico - Hump day commercial reference). So basically that means that I can let Circle know and they start the official schedule. NEFI will prepare a schedule, which we are looking at end of September, beginning of October for a transfer as of right now. I know things can change but we will start with that timeframe and roll with it. NEFI said a couple days for me to be setup (Meds and such). Can't wait! So excited!

Also, these prenatals that I have been taking, are called mini's. Let me tell you, they are nothing like mini. This is false advertisment! However, my birth control and prenatal concoction are no longer making me queasy. NEFI said to try taking them after I have eaten. Problem solved!

I also have been debating on when to tell my team at work. My boss knows, and a couple other people I work with (I work with M, so he obviously knows). I have toyed with telling them now, or waiting until later. I think right now I plan to wait until I am offfically pregnant. At work, we do a meeting where we talk about "one thing we learned this week". It can be work related or non work related. I thought I would go into that meeting after a positive beta and announce "I learned I am pregnant and it's not mine!". I think it would be hilarious. So much so, that I am laughing while typing right now.

I also can't wait to get the meds and get this party started. My IM mentioned to me how much she longs for this baby. That really tugs at my heart strings. It makes me want to be pregnant for her right NOW! I am so lucky to have the IP's that I do. They are so sweet. We email back and forth a lot, but they have never been pushy or rude (I have read about some IP's being very rude). I just cannot wait to be able to hand over a bundle of joy to them.

I've also made a mental note that I want to be down 6lbs before I get pregnant. It's not that serious but I would like it - for me, to know that I started on a good foot. Not that I am on a bad one now. Ha. So, I told M that we are going to get up at 4:40am to go for a run before work every day so I can knock this off. I'm also starting my no more caribou. I know that coffee is technically ok, but I would rather not have it for my own child when pregnant, therefore, I won't do it while pregnant for my IP's. Seems like the right thing to do. I think I will be sad for a while though! I love coffee. Especially caribou!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Progress being made

I should have updated much earlier than today but its amazing how exhausted I am from a little 2 day trip. Never mind coming home and not having little m with us yet. He's still with Grandma and Grandpa. This is the longest I've ever been away from him. I'm so sad! 

So, trip went great. Out flight there was great. Our car pickup went super smoothly, (highly recommend National at JFK!) and we got to Connecticut on time to check in. M and I went to a local mall and explored there. We got some great food at an Italian place that a fellow surrogate suggested to me. M and I even took some naps. NAPS! Can you believe it? I don't remember he last time we napped during the day! 

After dinner we went back to the hotel and I met up with a fellow surro who I met through an amazing fb group. (Remember I previously said I wished it existed?! Now I have been welcomed to one and its amazing!)

Here is Chana and I. She's such a sweet, amazing woman. I love learning about her journey! 

After our meetup, M and I just hung out at the hotel. 

The next morning we had our lovely free breakfast and then checked out of the hotel. We headed to the clinic. NEFI was beautiful! I took a bunch of pictures while there so my IPs could feel like they were as involved as possible. I know how badly they wish they could have been here. 

I met with 5 people at the clinic and they were all so nice. I got 8 vials of blood taken and M got 2. We both had to per in a cup and then I had to have a test on my uterus. It was incredibly uncomfortable. Apparently my uterus is tilted so that's news to me. They basically had to put saline in my uterus to separate walls of my uterus to test for abnormalities. All was fine but it hurt! 

I get squirmy with tests like that when I'm not entirely sure what's happening. I'm glad they could just get it done. It's mostly just cause I'm a scardey cat and has nothing to do with it actually hurting. 

So I have to wait until next Tuesday when we get the blood work back. Then we get the schedule. The schedule means that I'll start meds (no needles!!) and we would be aiming for an end of September, beginning of October transfer. 

Dr levy came in to meet with us also and helped to make sure all our questions were answered. It was so nice to have a dr who would talk to us about our concerns. We also talked about how many embryos we would transfer. I said 2. Doesn't mean both would stick. However both may stick and we could even have splitters. (Just like normal pregnancy). It's exciting to have a possible date. I can't wait until we have an actual date. 

Anyways, I apologize for my all over the place post today. I'm posting from my phone so I may not have caught all the autocorrect issues. :) 

Thanks for reading.