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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rule Breaker

It's official, I am a rule breaker.

Yes, my last post was just a few days ago and said we had a 2 week wait. Well, Patience is not my strong suit. So, that's it. I caved. I did an at home test.

Let me wind back time a little to give you a thorough view of what happened.

Friday during the day at work, it was terribly slow. But I also felt like I had been run over by a Mac truck. I was just completely exhausted to the point I just wanted to cry. It could have been attributed to anything, I thought. Christmas was days ago, its been a crazy few weeks at work, home and just in life in general. So, I ignored it, told myself I was overreacting and moved on.

Friday night I felt nauseous. I had heartburn and hadn't eaten anything. These were strong indicators to me when I was pregnant with my own Son. But, I told myself it was nothing and to let it go. N (The intended mother) and I had not discussed testing early this time, and I so badly wanted to wait until BETA on January 2nd.

Saturday morning I continued to feel "Off". I told my fiance, I just didnt feel right. He tucked me back into bed and set me up with a movie and some Nutella (It's my guilty pleasure, don't judge me!). I napped with the toddler for a few more hours before feeling better. But before M (my fiance) came home, I asked him to stop by the dollar store and pick up some pregnancy tests. I had officially caved.

I asked him for 7 tests. Enough for me to test each day until the BETA. Well, he said he had a bit of a hard time choosing between the two options so he got 4 of each. I wondered since when did the dollar store of all places have a selection.. but I just moved on. Until I opened the bag of tests and saw these:

Not quite a pregnancy test....
I could not stop laughing. To those who don't know, or didn't catch it. This is an ovulation predictor. Typically used BEFORE one would conceive. So, of no use to me. Bless his heart for trying to give me options. It's things like this that make me love M more than I do currently. He tries so hard but sometimes makes the sweetest mistakes.

There were, however 4 pregnancy tests, actual pregnancy tests in the bag. I tested Saturday, knowing it was incredibly early to be doing so after a 3 day transfer. A big fat Negative. I was dissapointed but tried my hardest not to dwell on it. Everything I had read about a 3 day transfer was that I may not hear a positive till 11-12 days after transfer, which would be BETA.

Sunday morning, I tested again with morning pee. I've always heard the rumor about morning pee being the most concentrated and being a good time to test. Then I got this and was a little puzzled:

Squint a little... can you see a line next to the upside down T?
I thought I was loosing my mind. I kept thinking I could see something. I took the test over to the natural light and I thought I saw a light line. I posted it in my surrogacy group and they all confirmed they saw the line too. I even asked M and he said he saw it. You know its really there if a man who purchased Ovulation tests in place of Pregnancy tests sees it, too!

All of Sunday I was starting to get excited. Could this be true? Was I really seeing that?! Am I really pregnant? Then I did this...

Look at those TWO lines on the 3rd test!
THATS RIGHT! 2 lines on the 3rd test! HOLY MOLY!!

I called my IP's on Skype that afternoon. I was talking calmly to IM (Intended Mother) and then said "So, I tested today" and held up the positive test. She cried. I cried. It was a mess! IF (Intended Father) was busy and didnt hear the announcement, so IM is talking to him ASAP and then we will Skype again tonight. I cant wait to hear how excited they both are!

THANK YOU ALL for the positive thoughts, prayers, crossed fingers, whatever else. Im so thankful and excited to be doing this for the IP's!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Two Week Wait

Well, the transfer is officially complete! Everything went well and without hitch (though our travel plans changed some!)

Ready for Transfer #2! Don't mind my lovely M, barely awake. 

We are officially in the two week wait period. I'm trying very hard to not think too much about it, stay calm and relaxed, not stress about anything. I had my first monitoring appointment today and everything was fine. Next appointment is January 2nd which will be the big reveal.

I haven't decided if I am going to test before then or not. I'm almost positive N will want me to, but we have not talked about it yet. I think this time is so much more sensitive. It is N&M's last try, or most likely their last try. It's hard for them and I can understand and respect that. I know how badly they want it, and I hope that they know I want this for them just as badly.

So now we are just waiting... waiting waiting waiting. I have gotten a few things come up that make me wonder... "am I pregnant?!" but I know the meds that I am on give similar side effects of early pregnancy, so who knows. I'm trying not to over analyze (which, those who know me know how hard that is for me!). I did get a sports bra and some shoes for Christmas so I might start running again to try to keep my head busy.

So bye for now... keep those fingers and toes crossed for us please!