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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Get Ready...Get Set...Go!

Let the fun begin! Everything is starting to happen now. Things are really picking up their pace since some of the confusion last week.

So, I officially have a cycle schedule and a transfer date set. What that means to people unfamiliar with surrogacy, is that I have a schedule for my cycle - my menstrual cycle. I have been on birth control up until this week when I was instructed to stop. HOORAY! Tomorrow I start my first monitoring appointment which is in Minneapolis. It's kind of a pain in the behind, but it is what it is. So I took the morning off from work to find my way in as I don't like Minneapolis much. I ALWAYS get lost.

At the monitoring appointment, they will take blood and check for what my uterine lining is as a base line. Basically, after I start the meds, and go back for my second and third monitoring appointments later this month, the uterine lining should be thickening. We are trying to trick my body with these meds into thinking its pregnant, so when we do the transfer - actually putting IP's embryo into my uterus, then my body will accept it and I will stay pregnant.

Speaking of the meds - HOLY MOLY! There are a lot! I mentioned before that I am so thankful that I don't have any injectibles. I wouldn't have done well with those. There are a LOT of meds! All together, I think this is over 200 doses of medication. YIKES!

After the monitoring appointment, we will get the go ahead to start the meds from NEFI. Ill start with the pills in the little bottle 3 times a day. FUN stuff. I hope they don't make me feel icky like the birth control did. Then we will have more monitoring. I think it will be the 12th and 19th but we will see about that. Then as long as everything progresses as we need it to, we go for transfer! M and I would fly out to NYC and then drive/shuttle to CT on the 24th as we will have an appointment on the 25th bright and early to monitor one last time and then transfer on the 26th. Then I am out of commission for the remainder of the 26th and for the 27th. Such a long time. I bet I will be doing a whole lot of pinning during that time. :)

So exciting! I cant wait for the next step. I'm not feeling quite as stressed as yesterday. Thankfully! I keep telling myself I will go get a massage, but I know I wont really. I never spend money on myself. Seems so silly when I have M and little M. They are my priority. though if I would have remained as stressed as I was yesterday, I would have had to!

I'm sure tomorrow wont be much to update on, but an update shouldn't be too far down the road.

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