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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Slow Going

Just wanted to update everyone who follows my blog on what is happening as there hasn't been an update in a while. Nothing much is happening right now, it's pretty slow going.

The IVF clinic has sent me birth control pills which I was to start yesterday. I'm also anxiously awaiting my medical screening on Tuesday the 6th. I fly out Monday the 5th to NY and then M and I will drive to CT.

I'm REALLY nervous about driving in NY in a rental car. EEEK. The two people that I know that have rented a car in NY, have both had accidents in NY. I am not an illiterate driver.. I know how to drive, but I envision chaotic, traffic, angry taxi drivers and people who are impatient (So sorry if that offends, my imagination came solely from how NY is depicted in the movies). Here is hoping that I am proved 100% wrong. :)

M and I are thinking that we might try to venture over to China Town and Little Italy when we go to NY. We don't want to be too adventurous and miss flights, get lost, miss appointments or anything like that. We just have no idea what to expect. Though - assuming everything goes well, we will be back to NY shortly where we can do a few more touristy type things and explore the city on a less strict schedule.

If anyone has any places they recommend in or around China town or Little Italy, feel free to leave some comments and let me know! :)

I was able to skype with the IP's yesterday. We have previously had connectivity issues with the camera working. So yesterday, I assumed we would have the same issue, I got changed into my "bummy clothes" because I just got off work, wasnt feeling the best and thought - No harm, the cameras wont work anyway. Well, of course I jinxed myself. The cameras worked and what a first impression I made. Sigh.

Chatting with them was so nice. I love to have a face to the name!

Otherwise, things are pretty normal going, for right now.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Show Is On The Road Again!

 Woo Hoo! I wished for it to happen, and it happened!

Ok - I'm not really dellusional. I understand that things moved along because that is how they progress and not because I wished for it. Geez - Couldn't even let me have my dream world for a moment, could you?! :)

So I wished that we could get things moving again and it truly happened. Fast. Possibly because I am a persistent bugger, possibly just how it should have been.

We were stuck in a vicious cycle of contracts. Back and forth, back and forth, over and over again. Which, isnt all bad. We do want to make sure that everything is covered correctly. Those who know me well, know that I pay close attention to detail. I monitor every tiny thing and I probably over analyze everything too. So, I went over everything with a fine tooth comb. What seemed like FOREVER later - we got the final contract signed and sent in. Hooray!

I promptly emailed my Program Coordinator to work out next steps. She said it may be a few weeks until we can even get to the next step as the IP's hadn't finished finalizing the clinic they were using. I thought that to be odd. Thankfully, I have a very good relationship with my IM. We email all of the time and I feel so close to her already! So, I mentioned it to her. Seems they had just finalized it with the clinic so I reached out to the Coordinator again to let her know the IP's and I are all ready to go and would love if we could get the scheduling done by the end of the week. She told me to expect by next week.

That afternoon, the clinic called ! I was in TERRIBLE traffic with M and little M in the car on the way home from work. It was 4:50pm and I was supposed to be skyping with the IPs at 5pm. I was trying my darndest to get home on time. I dislike being even close to being late. I finished up the call with them with 2 minutes to spare and right as I was pulling into my driveway. The medical screening is August 5th and 6th. M and I will fly to NY on the 5th in the morning, and drive to CT. The screening will be the 6th in the morning and then we fly out late at night. So, some coordinating on our part may be required, as far as what to do to fill time, etc. And some praying that our flight home isnt delayed or anything!

Overall, I am SO excited. So very excited. Im happy to be getting a move on.

The clinic is also mailing me some birth control. Which makes me feel much more relived about. I despise taking the pill, but I suppose it's kind of whatever at this point. You do what you've got to do! That was one of my biggest concerns, so I am happy she addressed it right away without me asking.

Additionally, I skyped with my IM - and again we couldnt get the video portion working. Im not sure what that was all about. So far, no video chats have worked. I noticed we weren't on each others contact lists in Skype, so I wonder if that was related. Hmm, things to ponder to keep my mind busy.

I sent a package in the mail to my IM this week. Just something little. If she is reading this, she will get a bit of a spoiler - so I wont say what it is until later next week when I know she has gotten it. But I wanted her to understand that I appreciate both of them so much for what they have been through, and what they are going through to bring this baby into this world. I am so happy to be matched with them. They feel like family to me, already. (I know, I'm a corn ball. M tells me ALL THE TIME!)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

Seriously, that is exactly what I feel like saying. I'm kind of stuck at a standstill.

We have been going back and forth with the contracts. I really didn't want to make a lot of substantial changes. There were a couple of things that I felt were written out too loosely - for example, amniocentesis - that it could be requested by anyone. I had that changed to by a medical professional. I have no problem doing it, but I dint want to be doing it willy nilly.

So, these little things have taken what feels like forever. Yesterday it seems like we came to a conclusion. However, the IP's lawyer is out camping till Monday. So, no final contract yet. I am so ready to just get this show on the road.

Apparently now I am learning to be patient. I want to just be there, at the screening, starting whatever meds I need to start so we can get this transfer under way. I know how bad N&M want this. And - I get more anxious about getting things going. 2 weeks from today I should be on my 2nd period since the IUD removal.

I feel so bad, like I am holding this process up. I know I am not in all reality. Its just hard. I know how bad that N&M want this.

So, now I wait.... patiently. Or, not so patiently. Whatever. I hope that Monday comes and we can sign final contracts and book a trip to the clinic and get things under way!

Cross your fingers for me - Say a prayer - Do a rain dance - whatever you do... Hope for positives for us all!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I was really getting worried after I emailed my IP's and they didn't respond. Funny thing is - apparently I closed out of the email and it saved in my drafts. Never sent! Which is why I never heard back. I feel so dumb right now. ha!

Well, IP's and I caught up via email and I sent some pictures of our vacation. N sent an email and said she wanted me to know that they are supportive of me in the most kind way. That really warms my soul. These people are so lovely. I am SO happy to be working with them. Its such an undescribable feeling. To be matched with this couple, whom you have never met and only spoken on the phone to once. I feel like I have known them my whole life and I absolutely adore them!

Tonight I speak with the lawyer about the contract and some questions I had about it, and then we should be moving along pretty quickly after that. I am so excited! I just want to be pregnant RIGHT NOW! (I feel like a toddler when I say that.)

Thanks for reading!