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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bump it Up!

I don't quite know what happened, but google seems to have glitched and eaten all the pictures from my blog. Or, at least on my end it has. Sad day. So I wanted to update with a new blog and get a picture in there so no one is reading through plain boring text with no pictures. Everyone likes pictures in their story's!

Bump, bump it up - a little more... That's right, my blog post today has a Jock Jams reference. So what about it? I loved Jock Jams in the 90's. I should totally try to find that on Pandora at work today.

So technically we bumped the transfer back, but I like my Jock Jams reference so Im sticking with it. You all know what I mean. :) Transfer is now scheduled (assuming monitoring gets me where I need to be) for December 21st. It makes me SO nervous to be travelling so close to Christmas. Im terrified that I am going to miss Christmas with my little guy who will be staying at Grandma's while M and I are in CT & NY. I worry about snow storms and flights being overbooked and us being stuck at the airport for days. Oh boy. Cross your fingers that all travel, transfer and everything associated with this next trip goes as well as possible.

I have monitoring scheduled already. NEFI is such an amazing clinic. I let them know my concerns about getting it booked ASAP so I can try to arrange things at work to not take any PTO (paid time off) to attend the appointments. Bless her heart, as soon as she faxed the orders to the clinic, she sent them to me along with their phone number again because I sure had lost it in a sea of emails. I called right away and everything worked out great!

My first appointment is 7/26 at 7:20am, then 12/4 at 7am and 12/11 at 7am. I dont have to take any PTO at all! I was able to work it out with Daycare for the 26th that I would pick up little M late that day and she is ok with it. THANK GOODNESS!

So, I am super excited that things are panning out so well. Being the end of year, and close to Christmas, things just make me a little extra nervous. PTO is getting slim, its our busy season at work, snow is coming - have you noticed that I am a little bit of a worry wart? Whoops! This is why M is such a perfect man for me. He balances me out with his calm ways.

I will start meds most likely this weekend. EXCITING stuff. :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Christmas Miracle

That's right! We are back on track!

The IP's have let me know they wish to proceed with me. I am SO excited and happy. We are going to try for a second transfer in December. It makes me a little nervous to be in NYC and CT so close to Christmas, but I would LOVE to be able to tell N&M about a positive test result before the new year. That would be such a great start to the year for them.

Transfer will be December 20th. I'm really hoping that M can get the time off work to come with me. I do NOT feel comfortable enough to go alone. And if not, I'm hoping that I can beg a girlfriend to come with me. That would be way too stressful for me to go alone.

So, I know its optimistic, but I am hoping if we transfer on the 20th, that on Christmas I can get a positive test. That would be the best Christmas present I could give the IP's. Its probably more likely that I would get one on the 27th, but here is hoping. Actually, I would love one anytime after transfer. :)

So, what that means to all of you non-surro people, is that I will start meds again (yay!) just before Thanksgiving. I am going to try SO hard to leave stress out of my body, which this time of year with my work, is hard to do. I assume, thought I haven't officially heard from NEFI what the plan is yet that I will be starting on pills like last time, then going to the OTHER pills (you know, up the hoo-ha). I will have to do numerous monitoring appointments like last time, to make sure my lining is where it should be. Then, once I get the OK, I will fly to NYC and drive to CT just like last time. I'm hoping we can at least cut this to a 3 day trip instead of a 4, but will do what I have to do for a successful transfer. :)

So, please people, say a little prayer, cross your fingers, carry a rabbit foot (please don't harm any animals!), whatever you have to do to send some good implantation vibes our way!