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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's happening!

It's happening! It's really happening! We have a transfer date. September 26th is the date.

I only know a little bit right now because everything is moving so fast. I'm excited though! So, sounds like the 24-28th we will be out there. M had to tell his boss today so that his PTO will be approved, I'm not terribly thrilled about that, but I suppose it is what it is. I would like to keep it all as under wraps as I can until I'm actually pregnant with IPs baby. Especially at work. 

So this Friday ill have my first monitoring appointment. I'm not real sure what that will consist of other than checking my uterine lining. I've let my team lead at work know because my boss left me to go on her honeymoon. Oh the audacity! Actually, at her wedding this weekend I think I cried so much. I'm thankful I wasn't on the hormones for that because I can't imagine how much more I would have sobbed. Ha! She was an absolutely stunning bride.
M and I at The the bosses wedding

Anywhoo, meds arrive tomorrow. No needles! Hooray! I'm so very excited about that. Interested to see how these meds make me feel. I cannot wait to be done with the birth control though. I HATE it. It makes me feel so nauseous and disgusting. Thank goodness that's almost to an end! 

That's about all I have for today, in my whirlwind of a day! So excited and nervous. But I'm REALLY excited that I transfer the same day as a surro-sister and the day after another surro-sister who are at the same clinic. Meetup!! Poor M is just going to have to deal with us girls jabbering away about surrogacy a little more. :) 

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  1. Whoot whoot! Excited for a surro transfer party. :)