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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Slow Going

Just wanted to update everyone who follows my blog on what is happening as there hasn't been an update in a while. Nothing much is happening right now, it's pretty slow going.

The IVF clinic has sent me birth control pills which I was to start yesterday. I'm also anxiously awaiting my medical screening on Tuesday the 6th. I fly out Monday the 5th to NY and then M and I will drive to CT.

I'm REALLY nervous about driving in NY in a rental car. EEEK. The two people that I know that have rented a car in NY, have both had accidents in NY. I am not an illiterate driver.. I know how to drive, but I envision chaotic, traffic, angry taxi drivers and people who are impatient (So sorry if that offends, my imagination came solely from how NY is depicted in the movies). Here is hoping that I am proved 100% wrong. :)

M and I are thinking that we might try to venture over to China Town and Little Italy when we go to NY. We don't want to be too adventurous and miss flights, get lost, miss appointments or anything like that. We just have no idea what to expect. Though - assuming everything goes well, we will be back to NY shortly where we can do a few more touristy type things and explore the city on a less strict schedule.

If anyone has any places they recommend in or around China town or Little Italy, feel free to leave some comments and let me know! :)

I was able to skype with the IP's yesterday. We have previously had connectivity issues with the camera working. So yesterday, I assumed we would have the same issue, I got changed into my "bummy clothes" because I just got off work, wasnt feeling the best and thought - No harm, the cameras wont work anyway. Well, of course I jinxed myself. The cameras worked and what a first impression I made. Sigh.

Chatting with them was so nice. I love to have a face to the name!

Otherwise, things are pretty normal going, for right now.

Thanks for reading!

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