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Friday, July 12, 2013

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

Seriously, that is exactly what I feel like saying. I'm kind of stuck at a standstill.

We have been going back and forth with the contracts. I really didn't want to make a lot of substantial changes. There were a couple of things that I felt were written out too loosely - for example, amniocentesis - that it could be requested by anyone. I had that changed to by a medical professional. I have no problem doing it, but I dint want to be doing it willy nilly.

So, these little things have taken what feels like forever. Yesterday it seems like we came to a conclusion. However, the IP's lawyer is out camping till Monday. So, no final contract yet. I am so ready to just get this show on the road.

Apparently now I am learning to be patient. I want to just be there, at the screening, starting whatever meds I need to start so we can get this transfer under way. I know how bad N&M want this. And - I get more anxious about getting things going. 2 weeks from today I should be on my 2nd period since the IUD removal.

I feel so bad, like I am holding this process up. I know I am not in all reality. Its just hard. I know how bad that N&M want this.

So, now I wait.... patiently. Or, not so patiently. Whatever. I hope that Monday comes and we can sign final contracts and book a trip to the clinic and get things under way!

Cross your fingers for me - Say a prayer - Do a rain dance - whatever you do... Hope for positives for us all!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I just pray for you. Everything will be in favor of you. God bless you dear.
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