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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update Update Upppppdate!

Ok, yep. It should be well and truly obvious by now, that I suck at catchy titles for my posts. HA!. I guess I can work on that.

Anyways. I have been offline for a while as the fam and I went on vacation. Our first real vacation in almost 6 years and our first one since little M was born. We went to Orlando which was a huge deal for us. Being that we currently live in Minnesota and its so dang cold, the sun and warm weather was so nice to have for a change. I met my cousin and her family there and did Busch Gardens, as well as met my BFF from Australia and her family there and did Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. All was so much fun.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Friday, I heard from someone at circle who said that I passed the MMPI. Hooray! I also "met" with my journey coordinator on Friday. Things sound to be well under way. Sounds like our IP's might be switching clinics for the IVF, because the one they currently chose, wants me to have 3 regular cycles once my IUD was removed. So they are looking at choosing a clinic in either CT, CA, or MA. I have no gripes with any, personally seeing as I dont have anything to compare it to.

So, I went to my OB on Friday to get my IUD removed. I was a little worried about how much it would hurt. I always heard that it hurts more when taking it out. I took some Aleve about 30 mins prior in hopes it would help. Psh, what was I worried about?! It was so quick and painless. My OB really makes me so much less stressed over stuff like this. She explains what is happening as much as I need to know, but no more than I need to know, that would creep me out or make me panic. Best OB award goes to my OB!

So, next steps. I have to wait for my IP's to finalize the IVF clinic they want. Shortly after that, we should have a contract, followed by a medical screening (1-2 day trip as I understand it). I have also been linked up with some other wonderful women doing surrogacy and have been warned to read the contract with a fine tooth comb. Things I have been told to watch for:
  • Wording as far as exercise - Some contracts that others have seen in the past mention "no rigorous exercise". But by whose definition? A doctors? My own? The IP's? 
  • Sex. It's true! The more I ask people and the more advice I am given, I am told to watch about sex restrictions and that they may be negotiable. Very interesting thought to me, but I suppose it is good to know! 
  • Treatments such as an amniocentesis may be needed, but the contract should specify who can request one. IE, only by a medical professionals recommendation. 
So much to analyze once we get to that point. I cant wait! Here is to hoping it will be a quick process.

I also got a beautiful email from my IP's Friday wishing us a nice vacation. SO sweet of them to remember and send a note to us!
M, Little M, and myself with the super heroes at Universal Studios

Little M after 13 hours at Universal Studios

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