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Friday, June 14, 2013

Date Day!

"Will they like me?!" This is all I can think about. Over and over again. 

Their doctor approved my medical records. They liked my profile. They want to meet me! Oh my goodness. "Will they like me?!" Again and again, it's all I can think about. What if they don't get my humor? What if they don't realize that M and I are an interracial couple? What if that worries them?! 

So tomorrow morning it happens. I Skype with them at 9am CST. M isn't feeling real well so I hope and pray that he is feeling up to being chatty. I hope little M is not being naughty so he can come say hi. I hope I can think of things to say. I hope that.... Well, I could write pages and pages of "I wish". I suppose the best  for right now is to go to bed so I'm well rested in the morning. 

Here is hoping!! 


  1. Ha, Thanks for calling me on it. I've been slacking on the update. Hold for blog post tonight. :)