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Friday, January 3, 2014

Spoke Too Soon?

I went for BETA on Thursday. Boy oh boy what a day it was.

I was so cold they couldnt find a vein. I had 3 techs try numerous locations to draw blood, used coats, walking, water and hot packs to try to fix me up. Finally called a specialist from Childrens Hospital to draw my blood. Then I went home and waited for confirmation of good news...

Well.. boy was I wrong.

NEFI (the clinic I work with in CT) emailed me to say the results were positive, but very low. It does not look good but miracles can happen. I try not to stress myself out thinking about it. However, my numbers are really low and were that way with little M when I was pregnant with him, too. So, it isnt all bad.

I did a pregnancy test at home again to see what happened and it came up positive again. It was darker than the first ones, barely. but it was. I asked NEFI what the number was and was told my beta was 20. 11 days past 3 day transfer.

So... next steps are that we have another beta on Monday, and pray, hope, wish, cross your fingers, do a rain dance, whatever you have to do to send good luck to the IPs and I and this little miracle baby. I SO BADLY want this baby to hold on. Fight, little baby, hang on tight! You can do it. I will give you a great home for 9 months, I promise, then I will hand you to the most deserving couple I know!

Let the longest weekend ever commence......

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  1. Praying for you! I have hope those numbers are rising!