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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Christmas Miracle

That's right! We are back on track!

The IP's have let me know they wish to proceed with me. I am SO excited and happy. We are going to try for a second transfer in December. It makes me a little nervous to be in NYC and CT so close to Christmas, but I would LOVE to be able to tell N&M about a positive test result before the new year. That would be such a great start to the year for them.

Transfer will be December 20th. I'm really hoping that M can get the time off work to come with me. I do NOT feel comfortable enough to go alone. And if not, I'm hoping that I can beg a girlfriend to come with me. That would be way too stressful for me to go alone.

So, I know its optimistic, but I am hoping if we transfer on the 20th, that on Christmas I can get a positive test. That would be the best Christmas present I could give the IP's. Its probably more likely that I would get one on the 27th, but here is hoping. Actually, I would love one anytime after transfer. :)

So, what that means to all of you non-surro people, is that I will start meds again (yay!) just before Thanksgiving. I am going to try SO hard to leave stress out of my body, which this time of year with my work, is hard to do. I assume, thought I haven't officially heard from NEFI what the plan is yet that I will be starting on pills like last time, then going to the OTHER pills (you know, up the hoo-ha). I will have to do numerous monitoring appointments like last time, to make sure my lining is where it should be. Then, once I get the OK, I will fly to NYC and drive to CT just like last time. I'm hoping we can at least cut this to a 3 day trip instead of a 4, but will do what I have to do for a successful transfer. :)

So, please people, say a little prayer, cross your fingers, carry a rabbit foot (please don't harm any animals!), whatever you have to do to send some good implantation vibes our way!