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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Two Week Wait

Well, the transfer is officially complete! Everything went well and without hitch (though our travel plans changed some!)

Ready for Transfer #2! Don't mind my lovely M, barely awake. 

We are officially in the two week wait period. I'm trying very hard to not think too much about it, stay calm and relaxed, not stress about anything. I had my first monitoring appointment today and everything was fine. Next appointment is January 2nd which will be the big reveal.

I haven't decided if I am going to test before then or not. I'm almost positive N will want me to, but we have not talked about it yet. I think this time is so much more sensitive. It is N&M's last try, or most likely their last try. It's hard for them and I can understand and respect that. I know how badly they want it, and I hope that they know I want this for them just as badly.

So now we are just waiting... waiting waiting waiting. I have gotten a few things come up that make me wonder... "am I pregnant?!" but I know the meds that I am on give similar side effects of early pregnancy, so who knows. I'm trying not to over analyze (which, those who know me know how hard that is for me!). I did get a sports bra and some shoes for Christmas so I might start running again to try to keep my head busy.

So bye for now... keep those fingers and toes crossed for us please!

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